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Learn About Cupping Therapy And The Many Health Benefits

Cupping is an ancient Chinese modality, where glass cups are applied to the skin through vacuum to create localized stimulation of circulation. The partial vacuum within the cup is created by heat or suction. The instrument is immediately placed on the skin in the desired location and creates a suctioning effect on the skin. This has the effect of drawing up the underlying tissues. When the cup is left in place like this, the stimulated circulation helps the healing process.

Cupping therapy has been further developed to unblock the meridian systems of the body. There are some five meridians on the back of the body that, when unblocked can deliver invigorating energy across the entire span of the body. Research has shown that cupping is most effective in achieving this result.

Further research has shown that cupping has deep tissue effects, often effecting as deep as up to four inches into the body, stimulating deep tissue to release stagnant toxins and metabolic byproducts into the peripheral lymphatic circulation for disposal, help activate and clear venous system, and even clear intestinal blockages. For this reason, cupping is considered as one of the best deep tissue massages.

Post Treatment

  • After cupping, do not immediately take showers due to the pores on the skin are still opening. You can consider taking shower after 8 hours.

  • Drink a lot of warm water to help leach toxin from the body.

  • Give appropriate level of protection to the cupping place; do not let the cupping place catch cold.

  • The cupping marks will disappear in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

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